The moon disappears

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The moon disappears
From my window
I wonder where
© Kai C.


Anonymous said...

I love poems about the moon. :)

Kai, we've got a snowstorm here! It's beautiful! Wonder if Margie sent it to me?

Poetry by Kai said...


samuru999 said...

I love poems about the moon too!
Very nice one, Kai!
I love hearing you read it too!
Angel voice (Kai)

Ha! Aurora, I was wondering if you got it! So glad it came...hope it's not too much snow though!
Enjoy it...stay warm and safe!

P.S Kai, I see you switched over to the new blogger.
Did you have any problems in doing so? I will have to do it soon, but I have a crazy fear about doing it.. any advice about it?

Richard Kay said...

Lovely poem, Kai. And I really like your new clean blog design. But best of all . . . it was great hearing your voice and listening to you read your work.

Anonymous said...

maybe the moon has to sleep too. =(