pretty voice

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pretty voice

she records & records
her little fairy tales
about how she lives happily ever after
with her true love

she says she dances all night long
with her shining knight armor
swaying to the left sways to her right

oh she was telling me
a beautiful happy ending
places herself in a soft whisper

as she spoke

"the end"
© Kai Croft


Carol said...

Beautiful Kai. You keep getting better and better.

samuru999 said...

I love it!


Pat Paulk said...

Yes it is!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Angel Voice Kai! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful! love your recording!

Poetry by Kai said...

ty all

iamnasra said...

You really out there Kai...Im so proud of you

Lyrically speaking said...

I love stopping by your world, always so colorful and peaceful