no moon tonight

no moon tonight

no moon tonight
i wonder why
did it get tired of me?
or have too much to handle me?
cos the moon carry my spirit
around the world
as it guides right back
to my window
watching me write
my poetic thoughts
& dance in darkness
since there's no moon tonight
i still got in my heart
pure glowing
in my dark bedroom............


Pat Paulk said...

Must've been cloudy in Virginia. Big ole waxin Gibbous moon here. Good poem!!

Aurora said...

I'll bet it comes back tonight. :)

Kai C. said...


gautami tripathy said...

cloudy night,
moon in the hide!

Sweet, Kai!

polona said...

i'm watching the moon right now thinking of you.
hope it shines for you, too!

david santos said...

Tank you.

urban butterfly said...

last night, I noticed how bright the moon was. I love how the moonlight shines one me when its dark outside. There's a warm feeling I get inside & I feel comfort.

Borut said...

'pure glowing
in my dark bedroom......' Very much like my yesterday dream... something was glowing in my dark room, it was not the moon...?

Crafty Green Poet said...

There was a bright moon here the other night, i love watching her from the window and miss her when she's not there. Lovely poem.