click on my mouse pad

click on my mouse pad

i just tapped away

like soft noises


powered by ODEO


Aurora said...

That's innovative!

Kai C. said...


gautami tripathy said...


Kai C. said...


samuru999 said...

Hi dear Kai
I appreciate your stopping by to see if I am ok...thank you!
It is a difficult time for me right now, as I have a brother that is quite ill.
I have had no desire to write poems or visit blogger friends this week.
I have only been to my blog a few times this week.
I have missed visiting you!

I did enjoy this post...very nice to hear your voice!
Take care!
Hugs back to you!


Kai C. said...

your brother feels better
soon....we missed u..
thank u

polona said...

this made me smile :-)