a peter pan's shadow

a peter pan's shadow

a peter pan's shadow
came linger
my walls

watching me sleep
oh i felt its warm
presence comfort
my soul

like the piece of
breath tickling
my neck


Pat Paulk said...

My hero of all time!!

Anonymous said...

Matt kind of looks like Peter Pan, doesn't he? :)

polona said...

i love peter pan!
and i love your little poem!
hugs :-)

Kai C. said...

pat-thats my fave when i was little.

aa-i'm telling matt that u called him a peter pan...

polona- i love peter pan too! thank you as always!

Borut said...

Lovely, Kai! What a visit!.

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

I love Peter Pan...

I always wanted to visit Never Never Land when I was a kid.