your cute love

your cute love

is she a butterfly? or is she a pink rose?

cos i think i know that lady

that lady seems to be a poet/amorist

her soul is full of resonating beauty

oh so lovely in her dark brown eyes

i wonder who she is

cos you must really love her

i think she loves you too

your cute love may

be a princess or a queen

though she is being herself

that's what makes her

your cute love

she is familar to me

even looking like me

then i realize who she is

that little lady is me, your cute love

i 'm the girl who stands

in front of you wanting

to wrap my arms arounnd

your waist & lean on your chest

just to say, "i luv u"



Anonymous said...

This is sweet. :)

Kai C. said...


iamnasra said...

Its true this is so cute

Anonymous said...

awwww...I love this poem, Kai! It's so sweet and I feel this way very often. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry!

Margie said...

Hope you had a great day!
Mine was good, just very long!
I worked 10 hrs....I'm so tired!
Bye for now!

Carol said...

Oh, I love it, Kai.

Kai C. said...

thank you everyone!

Pat Paulk said...

What a wonderfully "cute" poem!!

Don Iannone said...

A beauty, Kai. Nicely done. Always a butterfly and a rose!

Kai C. said...

thanks all

polona said...

so lovely!

Borut said...

A lot of love around here!:) Cute!:)