Hi Moon

hi moon,

how are u?

u look so pretty tonight

almost tan with beauty,

well that’s what I see….

would u give my love to the stars?

and oh, please look after my other half of me

whoever he is, he’s thinking of me too

oh goodnight my dearest moon,

its time for me to dream

and when I awake,

u will fade into morning sun….

so hope to see u soon!

cos I’ll be missing the light in my darkest mid hours…….



floots said...

like this one kai
i too think that the moon is a good listener

Kai C. said...


thank you

polona said...

i love to talk with the moon too :)

Aurora Antonovic said...

Kai, this is definitely one of my favourites of yours. :)

Don Iannone said...

Love the moon. We had a beautful one here last night.

Kai C. said...

thank u all

Pat Paulk said...

I spent some time last night admiring the moon. Excellent poem Kai!!

Kai C. said...

i love the moon!