My shoe

Every time I go out,

I keep losing my shoe

Am I Cinderella?

Lord I wish I am…..

Why am I kept losing my shoe?

I don’t know

There s nothing wrong

With my shoe

I love my shoe

It is a size 10 in kids

& it’s adorable

My feet is so petite

& have too many lines

Just like my hands


I still have ten tiny toes

Maybe if I ever lose

My cutest summer sandals

I wouldn’t be a very happy lady

Instead I would frown

My shoe

Ode to my shoe

Poor, poor shoe

It keeps running away from me

Maybe it doesn’t like my feet

Or maybe it wanted to be

Found by some random hot guy

Then he would come up to me

& start tickling my feet

After that, put my shoe on


I live happily ever after

The end…………


Don Iannone said...

Fair Maiden Kai,

A handsome prince will indeed find thy slipper, and with tender loving hands back upon thy foot shall it be placed.

Until your slipper's return, step thee briskly through the palace doorway and onto the ballroom floor, and ever so lightly dance as an angel with one unshod foot.

Kai C. said...


Kai C. said...

and the prince and i will live happily ever after!


Margie said...

Thanks dropping in to say "hi"
I wish I had more time to visit you and my blogger friends, but I'm just too busy.
Miss you!
Hugs back to you!
And, I love this poem!
Adorable, like your shoe size and you!!!!

Have a most beautiful day
in every single way!

P.S You would not believe how much Jake has grown in 3 weeks.
It seems like we've had him forever...not just 3 weeks!
Well, we are off on a hike with the little guy.

Kai C. said...

ty for dropping by!
give jake a little soft cuddle..

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Kai!

Kai C. said...

ty aa

polona said...

this is lovely, kai!

Borut said...

A fairy tale classic with a happy end, I like it!:)

Jac said...

I got a ladies shoe. Is it yours ?

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Cinderella was and still is my favourite fairytale.
There is something very special about it and it's underlying meaning.