musing me
in your eyes
with a sweet curiosity
but i was
soul searching me
& i rather not be your muse
even though
my heart says go on to be your lady
oh why me?----
i may not be the one
you're just a fairy tale
that never exist
but how can i feel
your love surrounding
thought it was all in my head
you seems so real-----------


Margie said...

I love this Kai!

More of those puppy kisses from Jake and hugs from me!

Jac said...

Lovely !
Thanks for sharing.

polona said...

beautiful, kai!

Kai C. said...


Aurora Antonovic said...

You are soooo creative, PP Bfly Kai. :)

Carol said...

I like your DNA poem, Kai.

Pat Paulk said...

What's inside our head can be more real than what's outside our heads, sometimes. Good one Kai!!

Ellen M Johns said...

Ahhh...found it at last...I love the poem you have written to go with it. How different we all are!