I tell you

What it is

Being so frisky

Another word for flirt


I am a lady

Young lady

Who is trying to



& very sexy

For the men…..

Which leads me

Being myself

Around them

Just by

Striking up

A sweet old conversation


Greatest smiles

& laughs



Cannot be too strong

& not too deep

Just simple &light


Margie said...

You frisky girl, you!
Just simple &light!

Love this one, Kai!

Borut said...

Just simple & light, and yet...!?:)I like it!:)

Don Iannone said...

Frisky, eh? I love it! Maybe we should change the name of Friday to Frisky. What do you say?

Pat Paulk said...

Yep, that's you!!

Shai said...

Kai, I have to say you are very talented at such a young age. Your poetry is full of maturity and wisdom.

I have to admit I am a lil envious of you talents. Just think when you get to my age, you will be beyond explosive. Yeah I am much older at 36.

Jac said...

Simple !

Margie said...

Hi Sweet Kai
Just stopping by to wish you a happy Friday too...thanks for your visit this morning!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
I won't be posting till Monday!
My pal Jake is taking uo most of my time...I can't even find the time to reply to my comments!
I will find time to visit you on the weekend though!
See you soon!
Hugs from me, and of-course more puppy kisses from Jake!

polona said...

that's you alright, kai, and i love it! :-)

floots said...

frisky is good
(yes - i can remember) :)