Lovely Dedication to poets

April is a national poetry month

We must celebrate our own fave poems our own poets

Cos poetry fills us with such beautiful glee

How it touches our souls

Every rhyme every haiku every stanza

Every free verse every tanka every sonnet

Every type of a poem

Have moved us into rhythm of a poet’s voice

This remains in thy heart of humanity

Indeed we are poets inside

But expressed differently……

Some of us write, recite

Some of us read, sing

Some of us shout, even joke

Some of us don’t have an explanation of how we feel but try to explain

Poetry has a special growth

& it never dies

Cos we speak it & let our bodies flow

Oh I guess this is why poetry has

Landed in my brown hands so

I could write my own words down

From my heart

While you eye on every poetic thought I wrote

Like a shadow you follow each of my own calligraphic prints

You’re my reader, I’m your poet

As together, poetry is our united blood



Anonymous said...

Aw, Kai, this is beautiful! Well done!

Kai C. said...


Jac said...

Yes, you are !!

Pat Paulk said...

I love the last line in this!! A real winner here!!

david santos said...

Hello, Kai!
than, for this poem.
have a good week

Shai said...

Kai, stop by my blog. I will be posting poems and highlighting my fellow poets throughout the month.

Anonymous said...

Yes...you have highlighted the essence of poetry month so well here.
Many people miss out on such things.They don't know what they are missing.
But we do...smiles.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kai. This is great.

Here's to all the poets in the world. (Did you hear the glasses clink as they touched in the toast?)

polona said...

oh, this is so beautifully said!