Stuff letters in

Thousand envelopes

In Bold Print Addresses

With American stamps

And sails them across the oceans

Like sending the messages to China or Africa

But really,

I don’t know where

Those important notes will go

I only know

The orangey brown envelopes

Are going down south

And across country

The mailroom

White boxes

That says, “U.S. Stamps”

Or something

I don’t remember

All I can remember

Those friendly smiles

Bad mood swings

& the grayish rainy weather

Yes it was one of those days

When the frustration and impatience just have to come out

Of the human system…….

But me, I was calm, cool

With a grin on my face

And continuing the enjoyable rainy day!



Aurora Antonovic said...

You little doll, you! :)
I hope tomorrow is a SUPER day!

Jac said...

I adore your coolness, kai

Pat Paulk said...

Good for you. I need some of your calm. Can you mail me some?

polona said...

oh, that' another fine poem you've crafted, kai!

nathan said...

Good, Kai!