Theft store

Old clothes

Masterpiece antiques

100 years old stuff animals

All sorts of things

That I see

Garbage bags everywhere

Familiar faces I tried to remember

Not a blur

But the day is almost like a slow motion

& I never knew why

Though it wasn’t a bad day

It was fun working day

I got to work with hangers & those green clippers

I have to put those green clippers on the

Hanger hooks

Indeed, at theft store

It is cool


While our conversations are

Wagging ‘round

Into the warm spring heat



Doing what they suppose to do

So was I.



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

You've made a great picture with this one.

Borut said...

Yes, like Andrew says, a great picture! Creating out of nothing almost!:)

floots said...

glad it went well :)

Pat Paulk said...

There are lots of stories in all that old stuff. Well done Kai!!

Ali's Zay said...

Very cute poem!

By the way, I know that I owe you a post. I haven't forgotten.


Peace and Love,

Ali’s Zay

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gautami tripathy said...

This is good. Beautiful memories..

Jac said...

So you work with the green clippers, kai ?

Kai C. said...

thank you 4 everyone!

Margie said...

Hi Dear Kai
Your sweet visit yesterday was so appreciated...thanks for all the hugs....I send lots of hugs to you.
Sure do miss you....but, I'm just so busy...not much time to visit any blogs.

Hey, I really like this poem!
Sounds like it was a good time for you...I'm glad!
Take good care Sweetie!


Aurora Antonovic said...

You're having so many new experiences! Good job describing them, Kai.

polona said...

enjoyed this one, kai :-)