Pinkish Satin Dress

She wore a pinkish satin dress

that twirls in midsummer air

like a sweet dancer on the lavender moon

oh her dreams are wild, desirably wild

she fantasized many stars

when the pinkish satin dress is wistfully

shimmering in glow…..

She twists and turns around

almost like new eve of spring

tip-toeing towards her princess balcony

while the pinkish satin dress sways into thousand night winds

It’s her gown her own beautiful gown

pinkish satin dress

with ballet shoes on

no stockings

just her ashy legs

She’s a butterfly

and goes on in the black sky

where she flies away praying for another gorgeous day

yet her heart is rhythmically beating out loud

like a musical drumming

when she lies down

sleep peacefully

In her pinkish satin dress…


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful.

floots said...

i agree
a beautiful piece of work
it had that wonderful fresh feel that made me like carl sandburg's poems
thank you

Kai C. said...

thank you

Don Iannone said...

Nice! Your poetic style seems to be changing...I like this one and the others you've done recently.

Pat Paulk said...

Always a pleasure to come and read your sweet poems!!

Margie said...

Oh Kai, this is so beautiful!
I love it, and so glad I had a minute to drop by to read it!

Thanks for the visit yesterday!
You are such a SWEETIE!!!
I send hugs!!!
Luv you!

Have a wonderful weekend!


polona said...

wow, this is gorgeous!

Kai C. said...

thank you!