Taunt me

With your middle finger

As I roll my eyes at you

Nobody wants to argue

Vulnerable you are

I see it in your soul

Crude, rude

Taunt you back

When I stick my tongue at your face

Marking your criticism

But in the lieu of

Standing there

I just roll away

And not to have an eye contact

With you

Taunting, scorning

In your demons’ shadows

That drifted off

On white walls

Like evil spirit

In you

Dancing with your soul….

You’re taunting!



a.Kai said...

wonderful poem!

Prashant said...


Smiles :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is one way one putting it. :)

david santos said...

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Pat Paulk said...

Way to go Kai!! I hate that gesture.

Don Iannone said...

Kai...this is a very powerful poem.

Love and grace are always more powerful than any sword.

Well written poem, Kai.

Anonymous said...

Who in the world would do that to my best e-friend? Do I have to go straighten somebody out?

polona said...

awww... powerful!

Anonymous said...

You have handled this well, literally. A great write.

Ha, I was just thinking...my daughter who is 15 loves Akno too. Maybe you will have to share him with her.

Keep writing girl, you are doing great.

Kai C. said...

thank you all!
Big hugs!

Shai said...

Like Whoa! I love this piece. Kai you have me in awe all the time. Work them words girl.

trinitystar said...

Taunting and haunting ... Wonderful!
hugs for you :o)

Anonymous said...

wow...this is deep! I like it!