My crying

My crying

breaks the flood of your soul

narrowing down

to love’s core

those blushing tears

stream upon

my cheeks

oh I disguise my face

with my hands covering

in shadows

never want to show

the hideous pain

in front of


but you knew

my crying out loud

the sound of my heart

torn into ripping pieces

now I should heal

in tranquility……..

Inspired by miss Urban Butterfly


Anonymous said...

I recognize this one. :)

Kai C. said...

that's cos i email you this poem yesteray!

a.Kai said...

the miracle is in the healing!

Anonymous said...

wow, Kai!! This is beautifully gorgeous! Reading it really makes me want to cry! Wow...

polona said...

beautifully poignant!

Kai C. said...

thank u ladies