a brown butterfly

a brown butterfly

it flies by

right pass me

with a corner of my eye

her brown wings were


hopelessly flapping towards

the daylight

where her shadow is on

flowering grass

oh she dances in the rhythm of

an early summer breeze

while the clouds are shape

just like her

floating across the afternoon sky…..

miss brown butterfly

she fleets away, landing on my arm

as my goose bump hair sways in her breath

walking along with her sweet warm presence

with the capturing beauty on air

oh i say,

my oh my, you’re so beautiful…..”


Margie said...

Just lovely kai!
Beautiful...just like you!

Anonymous said...


Ditto Margie.

polona said...

i love butterflies
and i love the poem :)

Don Iannone said...

Beautiful poem. Butterflies are flying magic, aren't they?

Kai C. said...


Kai C. said...

thank u

Jac said...

I too say "you are so beautiful"