Can’t hide myself from your brown eyes

you look at me glancing my way

I shy away pretending not to notice your stare

but I just couldn’t help it you only stands before me

I blush in color of crimson, knowing you’re facing right at me

guess I can’t hide myself from your brown eyes

I just can’t. You know me too well

you got that “I love you” look

that “I need you so badly” look

& I looked away keep blushing

oh the way you look at me I just couldn’t void the butterflies

you only make me fly, float, even spin

my heart it beats

my soul it is whole

I guess I cannot disguise

myself from you............



floots said...

that's a great last line with a whole lotta truth in it

written voize said...

I agree... your luv is very poetic. Enjoyed the read.

gautami tripathy said...

Someone is in love. That makes her sing! Sweet.

polona said...

wow, kai!
love it!

Jac said...

Thats so sweet kai

Kai C. said...


Margie said...

Hi Sweet Kai
I just got in from a long walk with Jake....
I see you visited me again...
Thank you Sweetie....you always make me smile...
I luv you too!

And, I love this poem....
It's soooo Sweet!

Take care, dear!


Pat Paulk said...

Beautiful Kai, beautiful poem!!

Kai C. said...