i am going to repost this poem, cos it's one of my favorite epical verse that i ever written. i posted it in my other blog. hope you enjoy it!

if i was a mermaid

if i was a mermaid

turning into

a little baby pink moth

i would groove towards

the colorful skies

with a rhythmic silence

over flowing casting

the eclipse of angelic gold moon

as i recite my own poetry

to the Milky Way

lining up the atmosphere

with no clouds

yet swims around the oasis

of my own freedom.........

if i was a mermaid

i'd be wiggling

my tiniest pinkest tail

splashing through the

pages of poetic thoughts

causing me to become

a fairy tale princess

who's just seeking for

true love.......

indeed i float for miles

upon a sweet river

under the tunnel bridge

where i heard such symphony

of my poems,

as i call on journal pages

to fall from the heaven sunshine

so i can write my unwanted soul......

oh let me swim my dear

i have always wanted to be a

littlest pretty mermaid

who can swim away to

my prince charming’s arms...

and he would carry me

on the beach reminiscing

the spirit of lovely stars

after that he will swim with me

in the ocean of turquoise

catching shining fireflies

lightning all through midnight.....

rich sea flowers bloomed

into crystal reflecting water

as the petals sways waving at me

i just swirls dancing upon

my knight's breath

he took my hands

& we seduce our hearts

unlocking with a one single key

beneath my skin

beauty tickles his soul

whispering a feather

when i wrote a thousand poems

all over his palms

he's my beautiful notebook

i'm his mermaid turning

into a butterfly....

knowing my love is so pure

& maybe romantic

i erase i replace

his sanity with hope of realness.....

if i was a mermaid

i'd be swimming

with the rainbow fishes

& watched out for that debonair fishermen

they might mistakes me

for who i am......

i am trying to turn into a

butterfly then turned back

a mermaid so i could swim

& fly away......

being free

to reach my stars

& a precious rainbow...

i taste the dew

comforting my spirit

from melancholy

with a twirl of wind drums

chant along with

my poetry.......

yes i'm very thirsty

for delicious juicy words

wanted to be higher

in the sky

with my voice on billion of

thousand papers......

hear me please?.....

if i was a mermaid

i'd be writing poetry

on sand for sea creatures

to read......

my heart my soul

awakening response

to a daily message.....

sailing away

to my dream

into god fairy's hands

cradle me to her lullaby

showing with wetness....

she wave her wand

spreading all over

silver starlit dusk

upon my complexion.....

wishing me

become a mermaid

who swims in

goddess womb...

tasting her drizzle drops

from her gorgeous eyelids

& she said,

"to your silence towards

the moon

a soundless splash

i hear your soul

shatters through the stream

of pink water

i trace your feminine heartbeat

with my soft touch finger

circling your beauty

u are a soulful mermaid

turning into

a soulful butterfly......

& your prince

u amazes him

with his admiration

his mind expands

your heart

he adores u.....

i hear u

through page after

page of your spirit.....

oh hazy papers

will fall on u

from my empty handed skies

like white noise......"

i enjoy her thoughtful joy

caressing my soul

& to know this........

i am a mermaid

swimming my way

into some kind of butterfly........



Margie said...

Princess Kai....
How I enjoyed this!
It is soooooo beautiful....just like you!
I am amazed at how you can write such truly lovely poetry!
I really do love this one.

So glad I came back here tonight, and find such a delightful verse!

You have such a gift with your words!
Such a lovely gift!!!

Good night!

Hugs....lots of hugs!!!
P.S The movie we went to see was sold out, so we came back home.
I gave my son your congrats....
He said....thank you!
He asked about you, and I told him you were a beautiful poet, who makes everyone smile with your gorgeous words!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I think that this is the longest poem that I've ever seen by you! Wonderful work.

Don Iannone said...

Great one, Kai. Thanks for bringing this one back.

Kai C. said...

thank you all!

margie-i'm so glad that you stopped by. best warm hugs

polona said...

amazing stuff, kai!