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  1. I love writing poetry, love being such a butterfly poet

  2. I like being surrounding by nature

  3. my favorite saying is “No Comment”.

  4. I flirt a lot

  5. lazy

  6. i like to call myself p.p.bfly

  7. musing

  8. relaxing

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Don Iannone



Gautami Tripathy





the tiny ripples are all over

my skin

silently splashing

almost like

angry drums of music

and now i sit

listening to the storms

outside occur

only droppings of sky water

on everywhere

almost as the coins were

falling into a lock box

but it doesn’t disturb me

when my thoughts coming

on such a pale paper

shadowy dark evening clouds

have overcasts my backyard

while neighbors or someone who is

screaming on the top of human lungs

i heard them talking out loud

maybe in Spanish

i don’t know

all i wonder when the rainbow

comes upon the whitening cream skies and

gleam with lovely colors

maybe it might stretches from my house

to the Baptist Church

only one block away

somehow i don’t know about

the rainbow

cos sooner enough

it will be night time

so i’ll just stay in

my room and

enjoy the storms/rain


gautami tripathy said...

I seldom do tags!! Maybe I should do this in a poem!

I like the poem as I love the rains very much!

Kai C. said...


Jac said...

I never take tags at all and most of my readers know that too, but to you I will make an exeption with a condition.

I don't like to tag any ??
Is it ok with you butterfly ??

Your poem is my fav subject too :)

Anonymous said...

That's one gorgeous poem!

iamnasra said...

Okay I thought to write you a poem..hope it will tell you about my butterfly poem ...

Fly into my sky
Touch every cloud of mine
Tickle my senses
Let me shy with rain
But I will hide you
Under any leave you wish
As you feel the chill of rain
Call for the sunshine
Sunshine will break through the rain
Ao you fly once again
A butterfly flies in the sky

polona said...

nice one, kai :)
i love storms/rain, especially when they result in rainbows...

Anonymous said...

A lovely poem. Filled with observation and so calming. I love the mention of the rainbow. Rainbows are my favourite things.
Whenever I see one, I feel warm inside and renewed and refreshed.
Hope you are well Kai.

trinitystar said...

Rain is beautiful ... it quenches the thirst of land and flowers.
Lovely poem Kai ... :o)

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem! I love musing too! =)

Carol said...

Thanks Miss Butterfly. I'm going to do mine as a poem too.

Don Iannone said...

Wonderful, Kai. Enjoyed the images in this poem.

floots said...

like this kai
i too love the rain
(though we've had too much of it today) :)

Velu Nair said...

Hiya Kai...
Hope u remember me!!
How have ya been, pal?

Pat Paulk said...

Need some of those storms/rain here. Well done Kai!!

Kai C. said...

thanks for participating
& your commemts

Jac said...

Tha tag is done ! Check it out, kai

Kai C. said...