true love

between you and me

there’s a secret

that nobody knows

with this secret

it’s locked up in a safe box of our hearts

we got the golden key to open us and pour all the blood of body and soul

oh i know this secret

it continues to linger upon my breath

each time i woke up in the morning

i have you on my mind

yet still sleeping away in a dream

where i discover who you were

and why were you standing there in my face

with a smile that is so warm as the sun?

i’d like to rub your nose

within ton sweet, sweet kisses

saying those words

in your ears

i love you


Aurora said...

This is very sweet, Kai.

Pat Paulk said...

What a lucky "dream" guy!!

starry nights said...

that is so beautiful Kai.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice -- Kai, I did my 8 facts. :)

floots said...

melted my heart

Jac said...

Really tochy, kai