My Mama’s Silly Fairy Tales

When I was a small girl

My mom used to tell me

A Cinderella story where she dances with her prince

& have wicked stepmother

It was her version her other side of happily ever after

I just remember laughing out loud at nighttimes

I was on her bed yet

Couldn’t sleep or maybe I was sick

But I needed her

She used to make up her own stories

They were about me

& I don’t remember what was I doing in

Her silly fairy tales

Was I dancing with my prince?

Did I lost my glass slipper?

Did I have a beautiful happy ending?

I don’t know

It was worth it

Cos she and I shared

Some kind of mother daughter bond

Speaking our own language

While the moon lingers

In the New York sky

Indeed everyone was asleep

Except my mom & I

Although she was tired & I woke her up

In the middle of the night

Guess I needed her to

Make me fall asleep

With her comfort of dreams

That’s what mothers do

When a child couldn’t sleep

Or being sick

They opened their arms

& embrace

The little daughters little sons

Telling them their cheesy fairy tales

I’ve always believe her stories

Always believe that someday

They would all come true

& it somehow did become so


I did dance with my prince

At the prom

But didn’t lose my pink ballet slipper

Yet I have my happy ending with

So much joy in my life

Yes my mom is predictable

And fortunate when it comes telling

Her versions of crazy folklore

I keep laughing so hard

That I wipe my tiny tears on

Her soft pillow

She always goes, “once upon a time, there was a

Girl name Cinderella.” Or “once upon a time, far

Away lived a girl name Kai”

I don’t remember how she put it

But was so sweet to hear her imagination

In her voice she cradles me

Within her young heart

That I listen to

Like African harmony

She was my lullaby

I knew nobody can

Tell stories like she does

Hers was the best ever

I remember

That special moment

I share with her

& her sleepy eyes were smiling

At me as I used to be ready

To listen to


Mama’ s






Borut said...

Really enjoyed your tale. I remember my mother reading The Tales of Ukraine to me, I still have the green book...!:)

Kai C. said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is great for Mother's Day :)

polona said...

this is lovely!

Kai C. said...


floots said...

i like it as a poem in itself and also agree with andrew

Aurora said...

This is a beautiful tribute, Kai. :)

Kai C. said...

thank you

trinitystar said...

thats what mama's are for. Hugging and loving and telling you sweet little tales of princesses.
:o) hugs for u

written voize said...

You gave me moments of my mom, just remembering how life was when I was just a child...listening to her tell me stories, falling asleep (or pretending) to be asleep in her bed just so she can let me lay there a little longer before carrying me off to my own bed late into the night. Your mom sounds like a very loving mom, hold on tight to all your cherished memories, they're to last a lifetime.

I enjoy your written words.