The Poet Princess

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved pink, and who was a poet. Everyone called her the Pink Poet Girl. This Pink Poet Girl wrote poems about butterflies, rainy days, and spring. She wrote poems about dreams, snowflakes, and friendship.

But there was one thing about this Pink Poet Girl that was a secret nobody knew, not even she closes friends. This Pink Poet Girl was a Princess.

She was a princess in her own castle. With her silver tiara on her head and wearing that pinkish gown on the way to her toes, she knew she have to tell the world that she’s very royal to her kingdom. Though she fears of nobody would believe her she is a real noble like pride of stars at night. Her mother is always a real queen and nobody won’t mess with her, not even herself. She is golden. She is one of those women who can put her foot down and tell like it is. Yes she loves her daughter also very much. She always wanted to be so perfect for her little precious baby girl.

Somehow her mother knew she was special. She knew it along. Even her two older brothers knew that they are going to have wonderful gifted sister. This is why her nieces have looked up to her because she is so far out and pure honest. And yet she is the most beautiful lady they ever know, inside and out. There is something extraordinary about her. Something about her own heart that makes everyone smiles, filling with such glee.

Indeed she was a real princess from her mind to her warm soul.

In her dark brown eyes, the light shines within her black beauty. Her poetry on plenty of pages is just continually blossoming in the crystal sweet air, only like a sunshine pink rose. Her voice is sweetened like a little dark child. Everyone adores her. She even adores her.

That pink poet girl is like magic. She is a moth, lovely dragonfly, even too much of a goddess. As the moment goes on, she flows like jazz blues music. For hours and hours, she swam in the whitening pale clouds, drinking so much rain. Then she flies with the prettiest birds in the blue sky. She would never break her own fall.

To be continuing……..


I have a little help with the plot of the beginning of the story from my friend.

Thank you...

Hope you’ll enjoy. There is more to come.

love always,♥

kai p.p.b-fly


Aurora Antonovic said...

One day, this pretty Pink Poet Princess was polishing off her tiara when she heard the doorbell ring. Quickly, she had to hide her crown, because no one must know she was a princess until the time was right.

"Who is it?" she called, when suddenly, she saw a glimpse of a coach with horses outside her window.

Could it be? Had her Prince finally come?

To be continued....

Pat Paulk said...

Only a princes can write magic!!

floots said...

keep flowing like the blues kai
nice one

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polona said...

there's magic in this story... :)

Kai C. said...