My own Cinderella story

Ok once there is a girl

Name Cinderella who lives with

2 wicked green eye step sisters

And brown eye bitchy step mother

Cinderella has dark brown eyes

Well they lived in a duplex next to

The beach where the sun and rain mixes

Together becoming a rainbow

One day out of the blue

The 2 wicked green eye step sisters

Decided to go clubbing and leave Cinderella behind

Doing her own house chores

While brown eye bitchy step mother

Is making her life more miserable

As ever

Telling her what to do

Like a slave

Yet she is a servant

So they went clubbing

Without her

But then the fairy godmother came with her pixie wings

She has a wand that fills with star dusks

Waving it & proof

Cinderella became a superstar…..

She went clubbing

And found her smoky hot prince charming

They dance all night

Till 12AM

She ran home without saying goodbye

Of course she left her glass slipper

On the street corners

The prince found it

And the very next day

He searches for that beautiful Cinderella

Yet there she is

She saw him

With her glass slipper

She ran into his arms

And he puts her glass slipper on


They got married

& have gorgeous babies

Probably lived happily ever after……


Anonymous said...

Ha! :)

Was Cinderella's dress pink by any chance?

Margie said...

The dress had to be pink!
I just bet you Aurora!
Right Kai?

Loved this one!
Thank you for sharing it Sweet Kai!

Pat Paulk said...

The prince had no choice, she was the most beautiful clubber of all!!

Rethabile said...

I loved this, kai. I'm all smiles with poetic pleasure. This is magnificent:
"So they went clubbing
Without her." That's absolutely not the thing to do to anyone!

I like the way it "todayifies" your poem. I don't know if I'm communicating my feeling here. Anyway, love it.

gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful cinderella story!

I finally did your tag!

Don Iannone said...

Great "story poem" Kai. Enjoyed it and hope things are better for you these days. Best wishes, Don

floots said...

nice one kai
that final "probably" made me smile

polona said...

love this.
hope things are going well for you.

trinitystar said...

Brought Cinderella up to date.
Great adaption of the Pink Cinderella.
:o) hugs 4u

Carol said...


Don Iannone said...

Hi Kai...just dropped by to say hello and wish you well. Hope all is going well. I know you are going through some changes. Sometimes it's just downright hard. Best wishes, Don

iamnasra said...

its been awhile ..are you well >>>

Shai said...

Long since I stopped by. I hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

awww...my favourite fairytale...re-told in a modern way. Great stuff Kai.