soul mate

i asked “what do you know about a soul mate?”

he said, “i know a thing of two, lovers are meant to be”

i say “really?”

he said, “word”

i said “and why is that?

he whispered upon my ear, “cos that’s how we are, my dear”


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Kai!

I can't answer your email. Every time I try, I get a message saying your inbox is full. Must be that virus, huh?

Margie said...

I really like this one, Kai!
Very nice!


Pat Paulk said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! gives me butterflies in my tummy! =)

polona said...

oohhh... beautiful!

a.Kai said...

very nice!

[a} said...

What they said!!

This is different from most of your poems, because it's in dialogue form, but still: it is about love & it's lovely!!