these modeling hands 12-Aug-07

these modeling hands

i look at them

and took a picture with my eye

they’re really beautiful

don’t you see?

hands are my favorite part

of human body

i like to hold them

play with them

pretending to be a palm reader

even tracing the curvy lines, oldest wrinkles

and would like to call them

these modeling hands

cos they are made in the art of God

especially Mother Nature

when these hands are in many black shadows,

they tell stories of back in the old days

when colors and sizes or even without them

have been discriminated

still is today…….

but you see, i don’t discriminate the hands

these modeling hands

they came like poetry

not when they are writing

but the movements and their dancing

always been my muse, my inspiration

my comfort………


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This one is so powerful!

Don Iannone said...

lovely poem, kai. i really like this one very much. nice images and put together beautifully, by your hands.

david santos said...

I come to be thankful to you for the work that you have developed in yours blogue and to desire good vacations to you.

polona said...

well done, kai.
hands are a powerful tool and source of beauty and inspiration

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

Margie said...

Hello dear Kai
Even though I have not been visiting you lately, that does not mean I don't think about you or miss you...because I do!

Just so much going on in my life, I have no time to visit blogs.

Your visits always mean so much to me....thank you for all your recent ones!
And thank you for picking me for rocking blogger girl....that was so very sweet of you, and touched me very much!

This poem is truly beautiful!
Love it!

Love and hugs to you always!

P.S Next week, I'll be leaving for Nova Scotia for a visit...I have family there, and will be gone till Sept 6th.
I'll be visiting you when I get back.
Take good care dear Kai!
I'll be missing ya!

Pat Paulk said...

Poetry and hands, go hand in hand. I know that's bad, but your poem is good!!

gautami tripathy said...

Enjoyed reading this!

Jac said...

So meaningfull!

Don Iannone said...

Lovely indeed. Hope you're well Kai.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't visited for a while Kai. Just playing catch up and reading your latest work.
Your writing is maturing in a very special way.