my silent cries 2007-08-12

drifting over the skies

when i soak my tears

away in shadows

holding onto my heartache

as i swim upon your soul

oh don’t you hear my silent cries?

they’re screaming all through the calm storms

even when i tried to get over you

the longing distance i feel with you

still lingers me

and it never leaves my room

so i wrote what i remember

your presence seems accompanying

but more annoying

you’re always here yet you’re so far like a star

how could i get over you?

i never will

somehow its hard to hold my tears back

behind my glands

and let out my silent cries to you

only beneath the darkest grey skies…..

you can hear me, my silent cries

cos i feel you standing there

besides me………..


Anonymous said...

Awww, sweetie, so sad but beautifully written.

polona said...

ohh... this is beautiful but so sad...

floots said...

good to be reading your words again
but sorry for your sadness

Movie Mazaa said...

Poignant lines, Kai!!

Lahari Chatterji said...

Very nice. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

''You're so far,like a star''...my favourite line in the great piece of writing.