Halloween pt.3

One time

A little witch told me

I could fall in love with any guy

I want

But there’s a catch

If I fall in love

For 3 days

I’ve become a monster clown

Who made fools cry

& when the spell breaks

I’ve become a little witch slave

Who clean after her

Yet she calls my name through

The bedroom walls

I gave her my soul

Now she becomes me

With passion &beauty

She was divine

Turning me into a widow

I was living in the cottage

With an empty cauldron

I saw a broken mirror

On the wooden floor

In that reflection

I was a monster without a


I said

That little witch took everything

I own now she’s showing off

My pride

I shouldn’t trust a witch

A witch like her

She rose from the dead

Cursing at God

To accuse her for

Being so evil & hatred

Now she stole my life away

How could she?

She’s stronger than me

My mother didn’t even notice

Not even my friend

They were in a spell

Of hers

Hypnotizing them

With her power

And she blossom into

A wicked dead lily

It remains in an old

Dirty vase

While her voice

Whispering to the devil

She said,

To keep me lock up

In her cottage forever

Until then

I’ve become my own bones

My own blood

Spreading everywhere

That little witch

Drank every sip of

My flesh

She laughs and laughs

As the moon comes so


In horror of her spirit

Flows in the black sky

Destroying the stars

Crisp of white clouds

Covered the trees

As she burned it down

For the devil to come

& destroy human souls

She killed mine with

Her ugly bare hands

Crushing tear it into

Many pieces

I elude myself

Into darkness

Not awakening at all

I was dead

In her own cottage

My mother never notice

Not just one look at

Her evil eyes

Her killer smiles

The witch is pretending to be



i wrote this last year and you enjoy it!



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I didn't see it last year, so it's new to me. :)

Kai C. said...

i don't think i didn't post it last year but i know i wrote it last year so hope you enjoy it