after Christmas

after Christmas

i knit

and only knit

every piece

to my heart

just for you

so don’t tear it apart

my darling

i’ll give you

all of me

under each green mistletoe

i’m not a belated gift

i’m your lady love

and if you ask me dear

for my hand of being together

i would say yes

even after Christmas


Margie said...

Just beautiful!!!!

My Christmas was wonderful! thank you! and how was your Christmas?
Hope you had a most lovely day!


Kai C. said...

mine was good!

Anonymous said...

Awww, this is sweet!

Kai C. said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what a lucky guy. :)

floots said...

aurora and andrew said it for me

get zapped said...

Tender and sweet. I wish I was half as open as you.

polona said...

oh, so lovely!
hope you had a wonderful christmas.

polona said...

oh, by the way, would you mind doing a christmas hoopla?
i didn't tag anyone specifically but would like you to do it (if you wish, of course) :)

Kai C. said...

thanks everyone!