the flaming golden moth

i know her

knowing her soul

that continues to

burn within me

she came out

of that fire

and light my candle

will my heart keeps

that kind of fire,

fluttering in sparks

and wholly grey shadows?

cos the flaming golden moth

she bursts into stars

upon the sky

like fireworks

i just saw her

through my veins

knowing i am

feeling her sun golden wings….

oh i am the sky

i am the colorful flower

for her, she stands still

on the tip of my nail

realizing her elegant winks

she quickly flew into

my dark brown eyes

and gave me a little twinkle

upon my pupil

i see how she shines

within me

in the dark

she guided me

into light

where i could reach


touching her spirit


floots said...

love the idea that that is where you got the twinkle in your eye
good stuff kai
thank you

Kai C. said...

thank you

Borut said...

Moths have been the helpers of wise women from time immemorial, they say, so...?:)

polona said...

so much light... love it!

Margie said...

Just lovely!
Love it, kai!