A Butterfly Nymph

I am a butterfly nymph with the carnival pink wings on my bony spine, and I always have flown off for another thousand miles just to feel the warm sky atmosphere; even the flickering cool stars and the summer crimson sun. Yet I have olive brown skin from my head to my ten small ashy toes. I got a pretty twinkle in my dark brown eyes, realizing I am always in love with pure love. I am hopeless romantic.

In addition, why is that? Well I must tell you that I am secretly in love with this debonair firefly prince, he flies and glows in the dark nights. However, he does not notice me when I look at the way he grooves himself into a sensual moment with the low moonlight. How he guides his golden rainbow wings to life. When I listen to his voice in the mystic winds, my heart absolutely aches. Yet, that firefly prince does not know I exist.

You see, I lived in a little web cocoon, I do not even fly too much. I just see him from afar at night times. I only wish and pray he would know the truest beauty of my wounded true love and me. If I could look into his beautiful eyes, then life would not have to be so ordinary. All the gorgeous misery that I had for so many years would be erase for good. All the solitude would be very much clear to me as for my heart could walk into some kind of light. Nevertheless, how would I know that? How would I know if the passion is too real? Because of my wishful thinking, I have imagined being in his arms and feeling his breath on me without one single word..

Oh, I really want to be with him, the debonair firefly prince. I never came out to greet him. I am so coy, a little blushing when I gaze at him. I am always hiding out just to spy on his dark muscular body with his smooth cocoa skin. Yes, I am very bad but I want to see him. I am call, hiding out butterfly, because I am so much in love. In addition, I do not want him to know that I am spying on him. I want him to know the real me, a butterfly nymph.


i am working on this story and i have added more and more to this story. i wanted to show you the beginning of a story and hope you enjoy it. it is a fairy tale i have created my own. tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

lovely reading...beautiful words!

polona said...

oh, kai, this writing really draws me in. sounds like a beautiful romantic tale

Margie said...

I think it's wonderful, and agree
completely with Polona!
Loved it, Kai!


Kai C. said...

thank you! glad you enjoy

Borut said...

Enjoyed!:) You're turning into a true story-teller... That's good!:)

Kai C. said...

thank you!
i try to do something different with my writing, i thought maybe i could be a fairy tale writer!