i want locs

i want locs

on my head

i still do

please give me locs

i want locs

longing for soft locs

cos i want to play

with them

finger through them

taking care of them

even you want locs too

look at the hairstyle i wanted!

click here


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

did you post this before? I remember one like this I think.

Kai C. said...

no i didn't post it but you were thinking of another poem that is similar to that one.

Margie said...

Hi Kai
You changed your blog!
I like the new color.
I see you are a Giants fan...I watched the game tonight.
Did you?
We wanted the Giants to win too!

Anyway, I think you would look good in locs...are you going to get them?

Off to bed very soon...nitey nite!


polona said...

will you post a photo?