my butterfly died

i peel a butterfly sticker off the clear paper but it got ripped. the wings tear apart and i was like "oh man." although it gave me a poem that i want to write.

my butterfly died

my butterfly died
i accidentally tore her up
when i tried to place her
on a page
of my imagination
but instead
i ripped her apart
and let her go on in
my heaven sky
where there is blood of angels
rush on by
cos my butterfly died
piece of me died too
and i know
she landed on a flesh of
black poet
Langton hughes
who walked the streets of old beautiful Harlem
where the river breaks in
divided villages
in which
native americans sang
my butterfly has groove
on the move
before God speaks
through spoken word
she place herself
upon a flower of
sweet bliss
then on a page
of figure imagination
where poetry sculpts
and paints
and simply molds
and she didn't die
not the whole time
cos i still feel her soaring
inside me
but i didn't fly
i stayed in the cocoon
where i was stuck
in the harmony
of tears dropping
over my soul
cos i see no eyes of enchanted wings
she wasn't there to touch
bring no light
no grace
but a prayer
that laces through
my fingers
into a drum of my heart
i realize
i am a dream
that rolls tightly into
a cocoon
filled with my sweetest imagination
of real one love
and she's there
mating with her charm
her mate
as i watched her
flow sweetly
to a love poem
that i suddenly scribble
like a wedding vow
and it is a promise vow
for all eternal days of
smiling gazing
cos my butterfly didn't died
she was mating
in the heavens
where love has found her
while i am not seeking around
to find it
i am writing
my spoken word apology
to her
just to say
"i accidentally
tore you way apart
and i'm sorry"


Anonymous said...

very nice poetry if i do say so myself...u good

Kai C. said...

thank u

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm glad it ripped - it gave us a wonderful poem. :)

Kai C. said...


krystyna said...

Your Butterfly was a real character, you're done a great job of versing her portrait, Kai!