harlem sky

i went to harlem sky
and catch all the butterflies in sight
i went to harlem sky
and see Langston Hughes flow his spoken word of the blues
i went to harlem sky
and listen to jazz and voices of my people
i went to harlem sky
where race riots thunder themselves
through flash and lightning
and i see brothas and sistahs
were fighting like american soldiers
cos of their black skins
only in harlem sky
marching for freedom
with flags and weapons
just taste the death upon a tongue
of our leaders, of our own black communities
to get where we are now
cos i went to harlem sky
ate food of passions
and drank the sprinkles of love
i saw myself
flying there through pale light clouds
and butterflies are angels
so they guide me down to the duplex buildings
where all i see suburbs, busy uptowns
and trillion pair of lovers
walking hand in hand
in the city of Harlem.....
while i scribble words through
the wind and i reciten my soul
upon every window
from the harlem sky
cos i went there to see my ancestors
waving at me
blowing me kisses
and not only harlem sky is colorful,
but it's where moon breaks and follow my fingerprints
where the sun shines upon my core
old tall apartment buildings and old burning down drugstores
were only mountains that i climb
people were flying like songbirds that they sing through
broken native-african drums
and i can't help myself
but take the flights in harlem sky
like a butterfly
i am flying away with butterflies
through harlem sky
oh i went to harlem sky
and dance my shadow hands through
twinkling white golden stars
yet i put my dreams there
in my glass scope
looking where
all the gorgeous souls has gone to.......

harlem sky...


Shubhajit said...

this is simply wonderful...so simple and so beautiful...your words are God's gift

krystyna said...

Did you sketch the graphic, Kai?
It is beautiful, as it is the great poem!
So good, thanks Kai!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Kai C. said...

yeah i stretch it with my markers. and pasted iron butterflies on it. thank you. smiles:)

Don Iannone said...

Kai, this is wonderful. One of your VERY best in my view. Are you well? I hope so. All the best, Don

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Kai C. said...

thank you