that's what people in the society do
that's what the media and tabloids do
that's what the school history books do
that's what's unrealistic hip hop do
that's what prejudice do
that's what ignorance do
with fucking lies
about living in a world
where we violently pretend to be
just perfect
bringing others down
with racism
self hate/jealous
all kinds of things we created
to make us more better
and i think it's fucking stupid
cos nobody is better than nobody
so go and read a certain realest book
only to find the TRUTH...


Devika said...

thats real serious stuff, Kai!
and you put it so well, blunt yet so classy...

I JUST LOVE YOU for this one...i could never say it so straight...

See more of you Kai...I think I will have to get back to your older ones here too...I will do when time gives me a chance...and definitely let yo know..

Best Wishes!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

lots of anger!

Kai C. said...

thank you

Jimmy said...

What is TRUTH?

its all propaganda
we will never know the real truth

there is just my truth
and your truth

very few ppl have the guts to tell the truth

if u knew the truth about me
u will hate me Kai

krystyna said...

oh... Yes!
I couldn't agree more, Kai.

Love & hugsss

Art and Poetry said...

You do say it straight kai and we are all a bit brainwashed it is true! I feel that we all create our own truth and that we are all different in our own way.

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff Kai...and it's good to hear your voice coming across loud and clear on these issues.
I love your soft, gentle poetry but I also love this spitited style of writing...where your opinion can be heard.
Go girl...

Anonymous said...

I made a typo...I meant to say ''spirited''....oooopppsss.

venus66 said...

Very deep and powerful.
Will come back soon.
Take care.

polona said...

owerful words, kai, and sadly so true. great stuff!