moonlit floor

you're alive
on a moonlit floor
i see your sweet face
at me
gazing without words
instead, i took your hand
and you lift me up
into your arms
upon the moonlit floor
cradling me
with your kisses
your oh so sweet-nothings
while stars become
angels' eyes
spying down
on us
at the monlit floor
dancing away


Borut said...

Good!:) A five-star heavenly hotel!:)

Kai C. said...


polona said...

wow! just beautiful!

Kai C. said...

thank you polona

Art and Poetry said...

This is nice and happy! there is a lot of depressing poems on the web, its good to see something cheerful.

Keep writing Kai!

Kai C. said...

thank you

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very romantic! nice work. :)

Devika said...

Hi Kai!

So wonderful are you..to be on the moonlit floor and write such fine lines..happiness kills me..at times..

Been here before, will do again more often...

do i invite you -- But 'A certain kind of woman' would love to have you there...
see again!

krystyna said...

Hi Kai,
soo long I didn't see you!
How are you?

I love this romantic dance.

Love & hugss

Jimmy said...

I tot it was your bday

krystyna said...

Happy Birthday to You Dear Kai!

Sorry, I'm late.

Jimmy said...

why must u celebrate your birth on just one day in the year

celebrate Life every moment of every day

Anonymous said...

everyday is a gift....that is why it is called the present

Happy Birthday Again, sweets

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I miss your poetry.....

Devika said...

Me, a fan of your poetry, and 'the Certain Kind of Woman' who writes her own verse both miss you Kai...

Do something for the two :-)

Hope you are doing good Kai, my sweet girl!

see you soon!

Kai C. said...

awww! thank you guys. i post one today.

venus66 said...

How so beautiful. You are so sweet. I loved reading your poems.
Best wishes, Kai.