Halloween Dance

d.j played Thriller two times
played Billy Jean
and at the end, d.j. played Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
i was in the rest room
exciting to listen to mike’s voice
but i ran my mouth
asking the same ol question,

"if i meet Michael Jackson, would i go crazy?"

we as friends,
grooving off and to the beat
never matter what color or have a disability
we come together
shaking their bodies
to the sweat
with music cruising around
into our veins
and hands in the air
jump, jump to the ceiling

couples paired up
and nick and i were single out
when we watch them
sweetly blushing
while we talked

cha cha
electric slide
shuffle to our feet
raising our hands
with such breath
the oldies, today’s music,
and my all time favorite, Michael Jackson
teenagers dance
having a ball
i met one of them
and remember those days
i was 17, enjoying
being a teen
good times, good times

my friend with a beautiful black camera
she took pictures of the crowd
having a blast in
their own spotlights
and i just laughed
at her silly humor
taking photos of me
laughing into tears
when she said some crazy things

i had a great time
enjoying myself
cracking jokes

wait ‘til next Christmas dance…


Devika said...

Kai, my dear princess!

are you a part of me??

they call me DJ (Devika Jyothi)..and i don't stop till me or the other gets the due....even then I carry on...

"if i meet Michael Jackson, would i go crazy?" -- i love you, which ever way you choose...

"i had a great time
enjoying myself
cracking jokes

wait ‘til next Christmas dance"

you become my other voice here...
love you Kai, love you so....

and I loved this post....for many reasons..


i miss you, i feel...please do come when you have time..i had something to share -- the most with you!

Kai C. said...

thank you miss dj

Devika said...

Ha ahahhaa!! kai..dear

i liked it :-)

miss dj -- there is an interesting pun in it, no Kai??
miss Rachel was my teacher..and we knew she was not a virgin, because she was married....we called her miss, because that was the norm in school....

and it suits for me, i think...
i teach children -- they are most innocentand handy for me...
i remain a miss (if virginity is not the mark of being a miss)....i am married and childless at 40!

so it suits me very well!

but how did you know all this, Kai?? :-))

i begin to feel my love -- the roar of oceans...
i love you so, Kai...