Devika said...

Kai, my dear..

if i remember correct.."Barack" means "Blessed", no?

so, let whoever sees this be blessed, the most of all you Kai:-)

love, you

Kai C. said...

i have no idea.:)

Kai C. said...

lov u too:)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Kai dear...I came here through Krystyna's blog! I was amazed with your writing and dear let me tell you we have common thing...that is I am also a MJ fan since my childhood :) and I support Obama too :))
God Bless You and I wish you good luck in all the good things you are wanting to do
with love

Kofi Bofah said...

Just sliding through the blogosphere.

You might enjoy this:

My Chicago Election Day Diary

Devika said...

my dear Kai,

whatever Barack means (for himself, or the US, or the world) -- lets be happy, my dear...

love, you

Eel Wind said...

hi kai. (you must be KC right?)

you like poetry? good. coz kids nowadays don't appreciate the beauty of it!

I like Obama. not MJ. lol :)

Devika said...

How are you my Kai, dear?

hope all fine with you...