i love words

i love words
words that connected
to my soul
words that are true and real
if i scribble them wisely
if i used them in my little tongue
cos words are my actions, my gestures
they are the poetic drums of
my every heartbeat
i could say
i have become words of unsaid
of unconditional love
that words of knowledge
could flow on every page
from my soul
the spoken word
that became my hope
that became my gift
as words can preach through
open mouths of people
my heart sings them to the sun
grace them to he moon
oh beautiful words of fulfilling life
when i smile
and scribble
before my shadow
could only breathe
the sigh of humble
i love words, there are my tears
and my silent music
whenever i express my soul
to the sky
without words, i couldn’t be a lovely emotional poem
on that magical paper……..


Devika said...

Hi Kai!

Wonderful, lovely..what not??
loved it...

you were looking at me or within you - when you wrote this. i'm sure..

and we -- you and me --mean the same to me, Kai...

love you, so

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what would we do without words?! :)

Anonymous said...

Every time I open my mouth...I pray to God that I use the appropriate words...especially when Im angry..how are you sis?

krystyna said...

Dear Kai -
I love words too
I love words
words that connected
to my soul
words that are true and real...

My today's post I dedicated to you!
I love you and I love your words,
words that are true and real...

Gilbamar said...

Hi Kai!

I really loved your blog becouse for me poetry is everything and all in my life. I'd like to come here again and again. Thank you for your visit in my blog. I hope you'll be back to repeat visit.

God bless you and give a marvilous weekend!

Rethabile said...

And words love you back. That's why you use them so well.

Cynthia said...

Hi sweet Kai, I love words also,
and you have put into words,
exactly how my feelings emerge,
live, soar all because of words.
Thank you!