i'm grateful for

  1. my family
  2. my friends
  3. work
  4. poetry/art
  5. being a michael jackson fan
  6. mj fans
  7. my new president Obama
  8. myself
  9. God,life, love
what are you thankful for?
happy thanksgiving!
luv u


Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for YOU. :)

I'm going out to lunch. Want me to bring you back something? :)

Devika said...

Hi Kai!

I am just thankful to God for staying by my side...rest I will make it all myself :))

No Kai, i was kidding...i am grateful for all what you said, and to YOU for being a part of my life :)

Life is so wonderful, when people love each other, no..my dear angel?

love you, ma

krystyna said...

I am grateful for life, for who I am, for my family,
for my job, for my Blogland's friends,..,..., and so many.

And I am so grateful for You Kai, for your beautiful poetry!

Love & hugsss

Cynthia said...

hi sweet kai, a wonderful list
of thanks -

find me here -


remember poemflesh2, don't forget
the 2 -
can't wait to see you there!