extraordinary-magical fingers


extraordinary-magical fingers

walked alone together

on stairs of stars

touching one star at a time

and look how it sparkle

when we dream


extraordinary-magical fingers

tapped on table like

grooving dancers

while we listen

to our inner heartbeats


drums of love

that angels hear

tap, soft pat on skin

the silent love we ever made

through extraordinary-magical fingers


our extraordinary-magical fingers



Anonymous said...

You met a guy, didn't you? :)

Kai C. said...


krystyna said...

Amazing abilities are within your fingers and within your soul.
You have Extraordinary-Magical Fingers, Kai!
Excellent poem!

Kai, I am grateful for your presentce here in Blogosphere!

Art and Poetry said...

I agree excellent poem! out of somthing simple like a finger you have created a magical poem!

Art and Poetry said...

What I was going to say is that I have moved my rhymes to my other blog.

Anonymous said...

Youve been tagged

visit for more details!!

Rethabile said...

Extraordinary poems make us feel happy. I love that first stanza.

Devika said...

Yeah you really have some magical finger..dear :)

Kai dear, i am afraid you are falling in love...fall, you may but not blindly :)

anyway i love your poem, blindly...:)


Cynthia said...

Oh my gosh Kai, this poem is
heartbreaking beautiful. Such
magical, spiritual fingers
touching our lives is a beautiful
experience. Thank you.

Borut said...

Magic! The rule of thumb: when pointing to this or that, use you index finger. Works miracles!:)