Thank you Kin'shar for the award....
luv u!


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Here is my 5 people who inspires:
1. J. Andrew Past Tense: His haiga and senyru, most of your haiku and tanka poetry is beautiful and also effective.  He has such a way with words and photography. he also is a good blogpal . Thanks Andrew!
2.Devika -A Certain Kind of  Woman- this woman is my dearest friend, i am glad that we  have this warm cool friendship. i think i have inspired her a lot.. and  she is very, very sweet lay.. thank you, Devika..love you...
3.Aurora Summa Summarum-my friend aa, she's always there when i need a girl talk. and she kinda like my sister... she always called me princess Kai or pepsi girl..sometimes she teased me about spilling some  pepsi everywhere....haha luv U aa
4.krystyne Staying young and healthy-this lady i met this year,well she is so caring and  have a beautiful heart.. i am proud to be her  blog buddy. she
even made a pretty  blog to dedicated to me with poetry and King of Pop on it. i thank her for doing so. Kai's Poems  i guess i have inspired her too.(:
thank you so much!
love you:)
5.R.J Michael Jackson Beat - he's a mj fan and he's cool. glad to meet him


Anonymous said...

hey cool

Devika said...

I have relpied to this at my blog, Kai...dear...

But my dear, I was down with fever yesterday and never visted here...What all have you written about me, babe..

am i that sweet, dear??

love you so very so :)

CapCity said...

I tagged U too! Check my Amusing side out;-)