little black angels

little black angels


their wings are gold, pink, baby blue

their skin is so soft and olive

their dark hands in the sky


they soars

they conceal

they sing and groove


i saw them my little black angels

they hit the drum of my soul

let me dance let them swirl like bubbles

cos i know my little black angels always be in


my heart playing the drums of love……



krystyna said...

Sweet, lovely, beautiful Black Angel. Thank you Kai for this poem.

I put this poem on your blogsite/mine/ under pic with little black angel.
If you like this pic - take it. If you need code /HTML/ - tell me.


Devika said...

Little angels -- black or white -- are lovely..

Good one, my dear


david santos said...

Happy New Year....

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

wow great description

how are you girl, and your xmas??

firebird said...

I love this, Kai--I'll keep this image in my heart of your little olive-colored angels with the soft shining wings, and dancing, drumming rhythms...forever!

And may 2009 be your very best year yet! Wishing you love and laughter...