new year's love poem

new year's 
and i am falling in love
new year's
and i am missing you
how come, it's only you
you started off taking my breath,
stealing my heart away
this 2009, i wanna be with you
thats my new year's resolution
is to be with my only you
cos i am falling
and falling
but i am scared of a broken heart
i am scared of losing you
my only you
cos i think i have found something real
something beautiful
and i don't wanna lose what we have now
this year 2009
i hope i keep you longer as i could
cos you're so sweet and wonderful
i am very lucky to have you as 
my only you..........


Devika said...

Good resolution, Kai dear
Hold him tight...or let him loose...do whatever that will make him stay

you know, these guys are unpredictable in love...one taught me to be so, so i never break my heart...

and i thank him for that. :)

But you shouldn't leave him or think of 'keep'ing others, okay....that's unpardonable :))


what plans for the New Year?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

lovely! Happy New Year! :)

krystyna said...

What a true love in your beautiful heart!

I wish you dear Kai a Happy, Healthy and Lovely New Year!

Art and Poetry said...

Its a very nice poem Kai!
Have a Happy New Year!

Cynthia said...

No one could resist your pure
and sweet heart Kai. Being with
the one you love is a wonderful
New Year resolution, I think I
shall join in that.

Happy New Year, and may all of
your wishes for love come true!

polona said...

ah, sweet!

i wish you much love and happiness in 2009, kai!

Kai C. said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

It seems like 2008 was the year of romances. :) Let's hope 2009 is even BETTER. :)

Kai C. said...

i hope so too....

Devika said...

i love you too, my dear Kai, so much...

i am not replying to comments there...
i don't feel like..


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Kai and may all your hopes and dreams come true in the coming year.
I have just seen a recipe for a pomegranate smoothie so I am going to have a look as my daughter Becky loves smoothies...ha.

Anonymous said...

Happy new years sweets....Im falling in love too...lol