my heart's key 9-28-07

my heart's key

my heart's key

where is it?

i couldn't find it

wait i know

where it is

my heart's key is in

my soulmate's hand

he would come

and open my heart

reading me like a

private poetry

yet he would kiss my lips

and erase my own loneliness

oh he would if i find him

i have his key to his heart

as i'm searching for him

out there

looking for me

and if i do

i'd numb his pain

replacing love to our love

when i will find him

i would take his key

from his kiss

from his passion

i'd take a key to

guide him to open

my soul……..



Cynthia said...

Oh Kai, this poem of yours is so
loving and enduring.

Margie said...

Kai, you poured your heart into this poem.
And such a beautiful & loving heart!

Loved it!

Take care...

Devika said...

What does the title mean, Kai?

All fine, But seems you open your soul only to your lover?? Not fair Kai :)

btw, souls find their partner without the person knowing...Not me, they say :)

Loved the poem, Kai dear


Anonymous said...

Ditto Margie! :)