44th president1-20-09

44th President 1/20/09

he came to this day


he will stand for his american people

as united states would lead the nation

there is a change

there is hope

there is faith

when obama walked into

a White House

he is the first black president

in this century


my family has gather around the big screen

watching history floats in air

clearly believe the eyes of ancestors

gazing down and beautifully shouts

from heavens

tears roll out of the souls

when he said his powerful speech

i came to see this man

who leads our people

on an auguaration day

when he became mr. president obama

at 12 noon

the faces of great happiness

cruise around the globe

i think i knew someday

someone who's black and lead this country

i even knew someday

a woman would become the president, too

44th president

44th black president


the world knows his name

chanting his name in the sky

Obama, Obama

in breaths of bliss

oh bless this freedom, bless my country

bless to be an american

red, white, blue

historian event

lingers my tongue

when i speak of change

while i saw people stood in the cold

cheering on and on

chanting Obama, Obama

through extraordinary moments of enthusiasm

smiles through winter

a lot of people ignores the cold

outside in D.C.

crying for joy

wearing Obama suvierners

being part of that beautiful american hisory

children in all races,

looking at this black man become the president in their generation

saying, "i want to be just like him"

anything is possible if we have faith in the way we change

it is a dream

Dr. King's dream realized

people came to the

National Mall

from each continent

like Africa, Asia, Europe


they wanted to see the history

being made

to their own eyes

as i watch this wonderful auguaration

my heart is filled with grace

not just his brown skin

but there is a change that takes the toll of America

it will take time


a beautiful emotion runs

on the freezy wind

as it carries our souls

and let us fly like an american eagle

lifting our spirits up

when we call him,

Mr. President now

while tears are streaming down


thinking, yes we we can

yes we will

we got Obama

in every swimming thought

President Obama

my President Obama

to this day

January 20, 2009

no one ever thought this day

that obama will run for office

but i knew a black man will run for presdential in United States

to me, it is like Christmas Day

with a first African American president

coming to the white house

who will bring change

in our people

in our country

in our world...


Margie said...

Lovely poem!
Thank you, Kai!
I share in your joy!


Anonymous said...

Obama should make you his official Poet Laureate. :)

Kai C. said...

thanks aa & margie.

starry nights said...

Lovely poem Kai.I share in your joy too.I voted for him and think change will come.

Kai C. said...

thank you

Devika said...

Lovely poem, Kai...

Your joy is just so contagious Kai, dear...

I just can't help but share your joy :)

Hope he does all good for America and the world..


Devika said...

Kai, my dear...

If you sit at your blog and sing about love or of a world of no "divisions" of colour and race...

NOT OBAMA..noe even GOD can bring the change...

Move out, meet people, sahre your love for them...and the world would really CHANGE :))

As i understand -- there's no racist thoughts in most of the people..only when you look at others with DOUBT..it comes to exist...

And that it would exist in your mind..the other may not even know :)

Come out and meet friends, dear...

love, always

krystyna said...

Dear Kai,
so long I didn't see you.
I missed you!
Still I have a busy days.

Your Poem is as beautiful as
this Historical Day 20-2009.

Thank you so much! Great job!

With love

krystyna said...

Hope you don't mind that I sent your Great Poem to President Obama?

Big hugsss

Anonymous said...

A fantastic celebratory poem Kai.
I too watched the inauguration with my daughter(Becky 13).
It was a historic moment and I am so glad I was able to share in it.

Cynthia said...

A beautiful, touching poem. You
are so very talented Kai.