the last one

the last one

the last one

his last one he truly loves

the last girl he absolutely adores

he promised her to be with her forever

i can say,

"love is always lost in

his brown eyes..."


Devika said...

Kai my poetess,

don't speak for someone else...if they are for real -- you never know, when his brown eyes changes to black and her black eyes would change to green and viceverse :))

not kidding, I am serious :)

but your poem is as lovely as your loving heart, my dear :)


Kai C. said...


krystyna said...

Devika, I think,
Kai is a good observer and she see others hearts. Perfectly!

Devika, I don't know where I can write with you(I mean comments).

firebird said...

Kai--I LOVE this poem--it is so simple, and deep, and says so much!

To me-- this is one of your very best poems ever...bravo!