love on the road

love on the road

i drive off

feeling my heart cried

when i still have a cold feeling

of losing you

i never like this cold feeling

never like this fear

can't stand the thought of losing you

i keep having doubts about us

but at the same time, i have faith in us

you know,

i don't wanna lose you

that's why i still am on the road

where i challenge your trust in me

my heart belongs to you

all of me in your soul

you take me as i am

cos i am in love with you

falling in love with you…..


Devika said...

Starting all over again, kai dear

love shouldn't have this fear of loss...love beyond all fears -- man is not capable of; women are -- thats what I've felt...

Yet men never give in to love so much as women..

Nice poem, again Kai


firebird said...

This poem is so real...gives a lot to think about. "I challenge your trust in me"--great line...
(Also I love "love on the road"--so many ways to look at that!)

Kai C. said...

thanks :)<3

Anonymous said...

Great job, Princess Kai. :)

Kai C. said...

thank you

Borut said...

The road of love goes on...!:)