a sketchbook

a sketchbook

i drew and drew

i drew out my passion

but i tried to learn what i know

kinda hard

cos of techniques

i tried to shape faces and things

the same way an artist would

though i'm just a poetess

and i shape life of spoken words

i drew and drew

with a pencil

lining out a poem

in each beautiful picture

such a sweet character

maybe she's looking for love

and maybe love will find her

if i only knew how to draw

two souls together

like love birds in the sky

i'd be telling my own bittersweet story

only in a sketchbook

cos i drew and drew

i drew my love

around and everywhere

on pages like a map…


Borut said...

Everyone would like to have a map of the city of love!?:)

Kai C. said...


Devika said...

Oh this is heartfelt, Kai

loved it, my dear poetess
Your words are enough to paint what's in your heart and soul :)

love, always

Cynthia said...

Very pretty and earnest love.
The repetition gives this poem
a lullaby feel.

firebird said...

Your words make magical lines for our hearts to follow...