my fragile heart

my fragile heart

my fragile heart

i thought it is too strong

but easily broken

when you went away

killing me in every piece

should i forgive you or not?

cos of my strong-fragile heart

i trusted you

though you betray that trust

and i don't know how to forgive

i do forgive myself for loving and believing you

for useless situations that i'm gullible of

i know everyone made mistakes

but this mistake you made in first time

i can never ever forgive you

if you really, really love me that much

with all of your heart

and you can never live without me

you have to do everything in your own power

to win my heart back

i ain't that easy

it's going to take days, months, or years

if you desperately, actually love me too death

no matter how long it takes

to beg for my forgiveness

you must never GIVE UP

you should know what love really is

cos i know what really is

my fragile heart

it is in my chest

trying to hold tears back

and not bring thoughts of you

in my room

loudly, it beats

i felt the warm vibration of pain

but i am stronger, am i?

there is hope, a real hope

for someone who can love me

and stay with me

Not cheating on me…..



Anonymous said...

Powerfully expressed, Kai.

Kai C. said...


firebird said...

Your heart is stronger than you think...and when you give your heart so completely, it shows that you are strong enough to trust your own feelings-- even if it leads to pain in the end, it's worth the risk. Only those as wise as you are know this. Don't ever give up, because your heart is beautiful just the way it is...
I'm so sad that you were hurt--and I hope he realizes what he had!

Devika said...

Kai, my dear

Our heart is much stronger than we think...and our love is even stronger that it comes back with even greater force if we hurt someone...

and in times of sheer despair we might as well...a loving heart will understand it all...rather should understand it all...

No one deliberately wants to cheat on someone...its circumstances, may be destiny that takes one away from another and a loving heart should be happy to accept that too...

Love is just not about possession and ownership...though owning and being owned offers much solace in love...

Have faith my dear,
whats meant for you will reach you..but that time don't turn away :))


krystyna said...

Hi Kai,
Firebird and Devika said everything. They are right. Your heart is stronger than you think.
I understand your pain. Believe me, I know what kind of pain it is.
But remember ... never regret. Only the time will cure the broken heart and will show you the real love.

This your poem is sad, but with hope. Beautiful, Kai!
there is hope, a real hope for someone who can love me and stay with me
Not cheating on me…..

You are right!

Kai C. said...

thank you guys!